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Boston - July 5

This week has been so exciting. Once all the students settled in on Sunday, we got right to exploring Boston.

On Monday students began their classes and internships. The internship program has allowed our students to experience the working world in a large variety of ways. Although they only began this Monday, our students have already ingratiated themselves within their places of work. Those students taking classes are getting the hang of “college” and are working hard.  They have formed great relationships with their professors.

On Tuesday, students got to experience one of Boston’s greatest ice-cream shops, JP Licks. The trip allowed students to see another part of the home area and explore some of the unique shopping open to them. On our stroll back from JP Licks, students asked about landmarks and signs, allowing for conversations about the history of the area.

We celebrated July 4th off of work and class in style! Before jumping into our afternoon activities, we went to Boston Commons to play soccer. Led by Rogelio, one of our RCs, the game was a much needed break from work and class. Others worked with Miranda, another RC to Tie-Dye some bandanas. Our first activity of the evening were the Duck Boats, a tour company that takes people around the city in a unique way. The Duck Boats are an amphibious vehicle, meaning they can drive on land and through the water. Students were really excited as we entered into the water from land. Along the way, we learned about the history of Boston mixed in with some pop-culture iconography around the city. After the students enjoyed some pizza back at Emerson, they were treated to a movie night at the local cinema, which rounded out an already exciting day.

Today we all got the opportunity to experience the Swan Boats. Situated in the Boston Gardens, students relaxed as they were taken across the beautiful lake. After the boats, students went off and completed a photography challenge within the Boston Gardens, resulting in some hilarious photos (be sure to check out today’s album). We ended the day with a Summer Discovery tradition: RC Group Outings. Planned by RC’s, these activities are ways for RC groups to bond together and enjoy some of the local sites. Some highlights included: Dinner by the pier, movie night in the Commons, and a pinball arcade.

With a packed weekend of trips to a few local universities, various museums, Hampton Beach, and a few other goodies ahead of us, we hope we can squeeze every good thing out of Boston and still be awake for work and class Monday morning!

Emerson Gazette Issue. 6