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Arrival Day at Yale!

Arrival Day at Yale!

We were/are SO EXCITED to welcome students from Chicago,  China, CT, Moscow, Boston, Japan, NJ, India, NY and  PA!

After a long travel day for many, we got to know one another in our courtyard with some games, ate some delicious "New Haven pizza", toured the Timothy Dwight College (which is the dorm we reside in) and ended the evening with Jr. Discovery's tradition of milk & cookies.

Today we had our Student Orientation while implementing a  bubble gum blowing contest, some other fun games and were able to experience the beautiful Peabody museum right here on campus.  

We will go on our first "off campus" excursion to Walmart to pick up any forgotten items at home.  

It's been awesome to learn about all the different cultures from all over the world and we are really looking forward to participating in class beginning tomorrow.  

Can't wait to continue to share the journey of the next 3 weeks together as we learn, laugh, grow as a community and as an individual and of course have FUN!