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Arrival and Orientation Excitement!

Welcome again to Summer Discovery at UC Santa Barbara! With our first group of over 100 six-week students having arrived on campus, UCSB is vibing with an energy of excitement and anticipation. On Sunday, so many smiling faces entered Santa Cruz Hall, and we have already made it our home away from home. Every summer, countless new friendships are born, all starting with arrival day an orientation. Students from all over the world come together with the shared mission of education and personal growth (while having a lot of fun) to create an environment that is truly unique. There is nothing quite like it. 

Just a few days into the program, it is easy to see that our new friends at Santa Barbara are going to change the world. Yesterday and today, RMP students listen to pitches from potential mentors. Along with hearing about some amazing researching that is being conducted, these scholars are getting their first introductions to their summer mentor. Meanwhile, spread throughout campus, Early Start Program students navigate Santa Barbara's beautiful campus to get to their classes. 

After classes, students got to know campus with tours to Isla Vista (IV), went to Target to pick up some useful dorm supplies, or had some friendly competition in the rec room in Santa Cruz. We all ended the day with a detailed orientation delivered by our program director; congratulations to everyone who won candy playing trivia at the end! Activities are just getting starting. Coming up this week, we will be going to Zodo's for some GlowBowl, exploring the coastline of Goleta kayaking (who knows what Marine Life we will see), showing off our skating skills under a disco bowl, and more! Don't forget to check out the huge activity calendar in the lobby too see everything this summer has to offer.

The UCSB bike paths are getting tractions again. UCen is bustling. Lecture halls are full of curious and intelligent students. June Gloom is on its way out. And there is excitement on the horizon. All we can say is welcome to an experience of a lifetime. We are ecstatic to have you with us on campus!

UC Santa Barbara Daily: June 25, 2019


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