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An Insider’s Look at an Ivy-League Summer with Penn

When you think of the University of Pennsylvania, what are some words that come to mind? Ours are prestige, success, and the perfect summer. We know that last “word” is technically three words, but it’s true. Penn offers three different options for students looking for an enriching pre-college summer experience, each bringing its own level of distinction and academic variety. In this post, we’re taking you behind closed doors and giving you an inside look at the summer programs at one of the nation’s top Ivy League schools.  

Take Your Academics to the Next Level with Intensive Summer Courses

Penn's Summer Academies

Penn’s Summer Academies are intensive, three-week programs that bring together sophisticated scientific or social theory with relevant, real-world applications. Focusing on specific topics or areas of interest, students can be free to immerse themselves within their desired curriculum and gain applicable experience. Academies are offered on-campus, apart from one that is offered online, and are open to students in grades 9-11.  

Here are just a few of our academies that students love: 

It’s Not Just About the Academics, We Have Fun Too!

While many students applying to the University of Pennsylvania summer programs are looking to be challenged in the classroom, these programs haven’t lost sight of what summer is all about. Partnering with Summer Discovery for over 10 years, fun activities and social interactions will be another cornerstone of these programs to help students succeed this summer. Student safety and supervision is also at top of mind as students navigate Penn’s campus and residence life, so there are dedicated staff along the way to help students grow and develop socially and emotionally.  

Whether you’re looking for a challenge in undergraduate college classrooms, fully immersing yourself in your academic interests, or expanding your perspectives within a modern and relevant liberal arts and sciences curriculum: on the esteemed grounds of America’s first university, an enriching summer awaits. 


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