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Aaaaaand They're Off! - 7/1/19

Well, all classes are underway now. Enrchment students had their first lesson in their four week courses and SERA student got to meet their instructors after UCSB oficial tours. Looking at the course selection, I still don't know how everyone was able to make a decision.

We have been talking about it for awhile now and the 3v3 basketball tournament has come and gone! We had a huge turnout. Everyone showed off their skills, we have some talent in this program. Didn't get to play? Want a rematch? Don't worry, we will be on the court again. We also had a Disney Movie Marathon in the theater, the rec room was poppin all night, Isla Vista tours took place. 

Tommorrow, we are hitting the water again (gotta take advantage of having the ocean at our fingertips). But this time we are heading to Santa Barbara to go paddle baording in the harbor. As promised, we will be taking a second of many trips to In-N-Out to (over)indulge in this Cali staple. Just as another reminder, check out the 'Secret Menu'! Oh! Don't forget! Movie premier tomorrow night too! 

Anyone else crazy excited? I know I am! Especially lookign forward to future activities such as seeing the Adams Family live in Santa Maria!! The PCPA always puts on amazing productions; can't wait to see what they do with this classic!

UC Santa Barbara Daily: July 2, 2019