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A Nation's Treasure

A Nation's Treasure

It was a memorable weekend at Penn Summer Discovery! Our students had the incredible opportunity to explore the National Mall in the nation’s capital. The weather was beautiful and the students were able to make the most of their time by exploring the many museums, participating in walking tours of major monuments, and sampling the local food trucks! 

On Sunday, our Penn Summer Discovery family grew by almost 500 students! The students from the Academy, Penn Law, and Penn Prep A programs joined us at Harnwell College House and participated in an exciting night of orientation, RC group bonding, home area tours, and settling into their new home! They began their classes today and celebrated with ice cream in the mezzanine after class. 

There is plenty more to look forward to this week. Our students have the chance to further explore Philly by taking part in a double deck bus tour, a center city trip, Laser Tag, bowling, and of course, sampling the local cheesesteak shop! There are plenty more amazing memories to be made here at Penn Summer Discovery! 


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