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7 Ways to Conquer your Summer with Summer Discovery!

7 Ways to Conquer your Summer with Summer Discovery!

As my time here at Summer Discovery is coming to a close I felt that I should share with you seven ways to conquer your summer program at Summer Discovery.

1.  Enjoy the View

Find a way to walk to class that gets you to class on time, but also allows for you to enjoy all of the things that the campus has to offer. Take the opportunity to use this summer experience as a means of touring a real college campus and discovering the characteristics that make the university unique.

2.    Get To Know Your RC

You are going to be spending time with other students such as yourself, however there are also many RC’s or resident counselors who will be there to make your summer experience one to remember. Don’t think you’re too cool to talk to your RC… trust me it will be an entirely different experience with them.

3.  Be Engaged With Your Classes

Take the opportunity over the summer to participate in classes that you wouldn’t be able to take in school. These classes are designed for you to be able to explore areas of knowledge without all of the pressures of a traditional school setting. Connect with the students and professors because who knows one day you may end up running into a Summer Discover alum or former professor in the professional world.

4.  Participate In the Activities After Classes

Although you may be tired after classes, there are a plethora of activities available for you to participate in at night. These activities are the best opportunities to explore the city you are living in. Shopping, museums, and sports events are only a few of the activities you are able to participate in on a nightly basis.

5.    Explore All Food Options

Summer is the time to try new things… including food. Do not be afraid to branch out and try something that you wouldn’t eat at home. There are always a wide variety of food choices available at any of the campuses that you will be staying at.

6.  Take Time To Hang With Friends

Throughout this program, you will be given lots of freedom and it is up to you to make this summer one to remember. Don’t be afraid to take time to grab a cup of coffee between classes or explore a new part of campus.

7.  Talk to People You Normally Wouldn’t

One thing unique about Summer Discovery is the diversity within every program. I now know people from around the world and it wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t branched out and talked to different people. Do not be afraid to reach out and talk to other people in the program. Invite them to lunch or go to an activity together… you never know what might happen.

Blog by: Monroe Farris, Student, Summer Discovery @ Georgetown University


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