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5 College Scholarship Myths

5 College Scholarship Myths

At Summer Discovery, we know college can be expensive, and families are looking for ways to find additional ways to send their students off to college without “breaking the bank” or putting their students into debt. Here are some myths about applying for college scholarships and what you need to know to start your search and start applying.

5 College Scholarship Myths

Myth 1: “Only students with good grades receive scholarships.”

Some scholarship organizations indeed provide scholarships to students with high test scores or straight-A’s, but if you read that sentence and thought, “that isn’t me,” don’t be alarmed. There is a wide variety of scholarships available, and they are not all academic based. Did you know there is a scholarship out there for lefties? That’s right; if you write with your left hand, you may qualify for a scholarship!

Myth 2: “I am already in college; I cannot apply for scholarships anymore.”

Often you only hear conversations regarding scholarship when you are a high school senior; however, that doesn’t mean just because you are already in college, you cannot continue to apply for scholarships. We encourage students to apply for scholarships every chance they get, for both their undergraduate education and their graduate education! Just keep in mind, this may require some research.

On the other hand, if you are not a senior in high school or not already in college, it is never too early to start researching scholarships. Researching scholarships takes a lot of time and dedication, so get a head start looking at scholarship opportunities. Also, reach out to your school’s guidance department or college placement office and see if they have a list of scholarship opportunities they can provide.

Myth 3: “I am only going to apply for full-ride scholarships.”

We do not recommend “putting all your eggs in one basket” for your college education because full-ride scholarships are incredibly competitive with many qualified applicants, as well as very few and far between. We recommend applying for multiple smaller scholarships because organizations are more likely to provide various smaller scholarships to multiple recipients than one more considerable scholarship.

Myth 4: “Scholarships are too competitive, why bother – I won’t win anyways.”

Scholarships are something everyone wants and will be looking for; however, that mean doesn't mean you won’t receive any. Search for more specific scholarships, such as scholarships for first-generation college students or ones that may be within your local school district or town. In these cases, there is typically a much smaller applicant pool who will be applying, which makes your chances higher!

Myth 5: “I have a scholarship awarded from my College/University. I am all set, and my grades no longer matter.”

That statement couldn’t be farther from the truth. If you are a senior in high school and submitted your college applications, that doesn’t mean getting good grades is over and you are in the clear. You still must get the grades you need to graduate and if that doesn’t happen, you may lose your spot in your top college or some of your academic-based scholarships. If you are in college and received a scholarship, often, the scholarship and financial aid you receive are contingent upon you having a certain GPA at the end of the semester or you can lose your scholarship. So, grades are important, and we encourage you to keep your grades up while enjoying your senior year in high school or your time in college!

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