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3 Ways Our Summer Enrichment Program Builds Confidence in Students

As students navigate middle school and high school, confidence plays a large role in their constant thought processes, decisions, actions, and more. At Summer Discovery, we help students develop their personal, academic, and social skills while encouraging them to build confidence in themselves that they can carry with them throughout their lives.

When a student feels confident in their abilities, they are more likely to try new things without fear of failure. This ability for constant learning and continuous improvement only helps students make meaningful connections both in the classroom and in their personal lives. Summer Discovery provides a way for students to get involved with their peers in a fun environment while simultaneously boosting the confidence they feel in themselves. Continue reading to learn how students are able to achieve this!

1. A Chance to Get Involved in Group Activities

Group activities are a way for students to express themselves openly at Summer Discovery. Through collaboration in the classroom and recreational activities outside of the classroom, students are able to share ideas and see the value that each unique individual brings to the group. With an open-minded environment in our college prep summer programs, students can freely bring their ideas and solutions to the table without fear of judgment or failure. When students feel supported in their learning and contributions to their studies, they are they become more confident in their abilities and further apply themselves to each activity. This is especially important for students when they enter college, where they’ll need to actively take control of their participation in their courses and group assignments.

Group activities make for great confidence boosters in our summer enrichment programs

2. Experience Independence in a Summer Enrichment Program

One aspect of Summer Discovery that truly helps students prepare for their time in college is the level of independence they get to experience, often for the first time in their lives. It can be tough to simulate exactly what college life will be like while still living at home with the comfort and support of family. Through Summer Discovery programs, students can step outside of their comfort zones and experience a new level of independence that will help them see their strengths and improve their confidence.

Students get to live on campus during their summer enrichment program, giving them the inside scoop on what college living is truly all about. With meals in the meal halls, classes in the university’s own rooms and auditoriums, and free time to relax and communicate with friends, students can envision their futures on a college campus. This sparks further motivation for students to improve their skills in order to make these visions a reality.

Students gain confidence through the level of independence they receive during their programs

3. Develop Academic and Personal Skills in Preparation for College

Through Summer Discovery programs, students can develop their academic skills while building essential life skills such as time management and accountability. The new level of independence students experience during their programs helps them take a lead in their own lives, making sure that they’re on top of their assignments, well-rested, and prepared for the day’s activities. These small yet important details help students realize what it takes to support themselves during a busy college prep program, helping them improve their confidence to do so. All of these actions are encouraged by experienced support staff that help students in any areas that they require assistance, whether that’s help with a course, a reminder to get to bed on time, or helping them prepare for the day ahead. No matter what, students complete their programs feeling accomplished, more responsible, and prepared for college.

3. Develop Academic and Personal Skills in Preparation for College

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