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3 Ways Our College Summer Programs Offer a Safe and Supportive Space for Students

Enrolling your student in a summer program, whether it includes a residential program or not, should never leave you feeling nervous or unsure about their safety. Here at Summer Discovery, our top priority is to make both students and parents feel safe, comfortable, and confident in our programs. With more than 55 years of navigating the summer experience industry, we believe we’ve found the perfect recipe for safety and fun.

While chasing new academic goals and milestones, students should be able to focus on their studies and their fun activities without having to worry about their own safety. Likewise, as a parent, you should be able to relax, knowing that your student is pursuing their passions and having fun while challenging themselves. Read about the processes we have laid out below that help Summer Discovery hold the highest standard of safety during our programs.

1. A Community Approach to Safety During Our College Summer Programs

We understand that to nurture and support today’s youth, it takes a community coming together. This is how we approach our safety standards on campuses around the country during our college summer programs. We have partnered with experts in the field in order to best keep our students safe and protected, as well as provide emergency services if needed. 

We have diligently created plans to ensure student safety, whether that includes maintaining COVID-19 protocols, using health services in our managed programs, or caring for each student’s individual needs. Taking safety worries out of the equation lets students focus on their academics and the fun and enriching activities they get to take part in outside of the classroom. At Summer Discovery, we want every student to get the most out of their program – whether they choose to pursue a criminal psychology course, chemistry research, or something else that interests them.

1. A Community Approach to Safety During Our College Summer Programs

2. On and Off-Campus Safety Protocol Adherence by All Staff

In order to make sure all of these protocols are adhered to, our directors with over 15 years of combined experience ensure rules and regulations are diligently followed. These directors work around the clock to prioritize students’ safety and security through strict rules and safety protocols. Many of these directors are teachers, educators, professors, counselors, principals, and fulltime associates who choose to spend their summer serving our students. We make sure that every staff member completes a background check as well as extensive screening protocols to ensure the best quality experience for our students. 

Students get to participate in a number of off-campus activities during Summer Discovery high school summer programs to explore new cities and make lifelong memories with their peers. If your student is visiting a Los Angeles theme park, attending a major league baseball game in Colorado, or exploring art festivals on the east coast, they will remain cared for and protected.

2. On and Off-Campus Safety Protocol Adherence by All Staff

3. Resident Counselors Oversee Formation of New Friendships

Resident counselors help the students with any challenges they may face and also serve as a beacon of light and encouragement whether related to academics, social life, or other commitments. Resident counselors provide a supportive, fun, and inclusive environment that helps foster healthy and long-lasting friendships between students and their peers.

Ready to help students adapt to their individual situations, resident counselors provide students with personal attention to make them feel at home and help them succeed in the program. All resident counselors are 21+ years of age and have been through Summer Discovery’s safety training. Whether your child is taking part in the courses that ignite their passions, or participating in a residence activity such as movie night, you can count on their safety and genuine enjoyment.

3. Resident Counselors Oversee Formation of New Friendships

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