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3 Unique Technology and Coding Courses in Our Summer Academic Programs

Here at Summer Discovery, we have created a unique opportunity for students to explore the highly popular field of technology and coding. Our summer academic programs offer different courses in AI, data security, and everything in between to help students discover this exciting industry with hands-on experience.

With over 100,000 alumni, Summer Discovery continues to update our programs to reflect the trends in academic programs and cater to students’ pressing interests. Our Technology and Coding programs, just as all other courses we offer, foster EQ and IQ, which helps equip students with valuable academic and life skills. Dive into these 3 Technology & Coding courses available at Summer Discovery.

3D Design & Printing Course

With 3D Design & Printing, high school students are able to explore the intriguing intersection of technology and creative design. As a hands-on course, students will get involved with individual and group projects, which in turn helps them refine their communication and collaboration skills. In this course specifically, students can expect to explore circuit and design prototyping, coding and physical computing, modeling, and design software, 3D printing and scanning, fabrication, laser cutting, and etching.

Any student who loves thinking about global issues and aspires to solve the world’s challenging problems through 3D printing innovations will thrive in this course, offered at UCLA. They will benefit from the campus’s new Maker Space Labs, where they will prototype, refine, and bring their ideas to life. And with a free 3-year license of Fusion 360, a 3D modeling program that comes with the course, students ensure their ability to continue learning beyond their summer course.

3D Design & Printing Course

Programming & Smart Technology Academy for a College Summer Program

Any high school student with an interest in becoming a software engineer should jump on this opportunity. The Programming & Smart Technology Academy course available as one of our college summer programs allows students to challenge themselves while exploring the intricacies of design, development, problem-solving, and programming.

Equipped with new programming skills, students can further challenge themselves to use smart technologies and data to gain insight as to how applications work and utilize Python to understand how to make computers do what they want them to do. This hands-on academy helps students gain another level of programming and coding experience to enhance their career-specific skills and prepare them for college programs and professional careers.

Programming & Smart Technology Academy for a College Summer Program

Coding Academy at Summer Discovery

Another course option found at the UCLA campus is the Coding Academy, where students are given the guidance to develop the basic skills necessary to make it in the world of computer programming through Technology & Coding. With similar courses also offered at Georgetown University, Johns Hopkins University, UC Santa Barbara, and The University of Texas at Austin, this course is proven to be a popular choice for anyone with a love of solving problems by writing computing programs.

By developing an understanding of the role that computation can play in solving programs, and writing small programs to accomplish useful goals, this summer academic program gives students the foundational skills necessary to find success in this expanding field of study. Students learn to identify and define computer science terminology and concepts, design and develop computer hardware and software, and analyze and identify trends in computer science. These essential critical thinking and problem-solving skills will help them in their careers as well as their personal lives.

Coding Academy at Summer Discovery

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