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November 11, 2016

International Education Week and High School Study Abroad

November 14-18 celebrates the 18th anniversary of International Education Week. Part of highlighting this event is to promote programs and opportunities that prepare American students for a global world while also attracting bright and eager students from abroad.

Here are some benefits of participating in international education programs.

· Enhance your learning

International education exposes you to many different sides of learning. New people, places, and culture might present a new way of thinking about a certain topic, major, or career!

· Develop leadership skills

Have you ever worked as part of a group to solve a problem? Imagine doing this with people from a different culture. You will equip yourself with skills to connect with people globally and value an international sense of community.

· Gain global awareness

Do you wish that you knew more about the world? It is never too late! International education will immerse you into world news, events, and geography. Your new knowledge will transform you into a worldly educated citizen.

· Personal development

Being engaged in understanding a new culture helps you to develop in so many ways. You will learn patience, persistence, communication, and get the feeling of accomplishment.

· Open new doors

Interested in studying abroad for college or getting a job overseas? Getting your foot in the door early on really helps and often inspires students to pursue future international opportunities.

· Get life experience

The safe path is always the easiest.  International education allows you to experience new opportunities and friendships that you will never forget– possibly changing your path in life forever!

Have you considered participating in an international education experience? At Summer Discovery, our pre-college study abroad programs combine academics and sightseeing to give high school students a great introduction to college, the international business world, and life in England. Check out our summer programs at Cambridge and London, as well as London Internships! Contact us at or apply now.