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November 3, 2016

Derek Jeter & Summer Discovery - Turn 2 Foundation Partnership

On October 25, 2016, Summer Discovery associates attended the 20th Annual Turn 2 Foundation Dinner.  This event honored the 2016 graduating class of Jeter’s Leaders. Summer Discovery has partnered with the Turn 2 Foundation since 2009 to offer Jeter’s Leaders program scholarships at leading colleges and universities in the United States. Summer Discovery associates were deeply impacted by the event and came away proud of our partnership!

In one word, how did they describe this memorable event?

INSPIRING – “It was great to see the impact that Summer Discovery and Jeter’s Leaders had on the students’ lives.” – Jenn

EXHILARATING – “I came away with a lot of pride knowing that what I do makes a positive difference in the lives of kids dealt a tough hand in life…and I got to meet some really cool sports stars.” – Robert

INSPIRATIONAL – “…to hear the students’ individual stories as to how the program changed their lives, especially those who gave a shout out to Summer Discovery and what that experience did for them.” – Susan

HEARTWARMING – “Just to see the smiles and excitement on the faces of the students because of their accomplishments.” – Stacey

EXTRAORDINARY – “Derek Jeter is extraordinary in his leadership, his actions in giving back, and his commitment to the future of our youths.  But what is most extraordinary are his remarkable student leaders and scholars that we welcome to our various Summer Discovery campuses each year!” – Bob

Interested in becoming a leader? Summer Discovery offers programs dedicated to leadership and social change, where students develop skills to be actively involved in their community. Contact us at and we can help you find the perfect summer leadership program!