After School Clubs


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why participate in Summer Discovery After School Clubs?  

  • Clubs are designed to maximize student engagement in a virtual format. We've use Canvas, a powerful Learning Management System that provides an excellent experience for students.  We ran successful academic programs online this past summer with stellar reviews from parents and students.
  • After school clubs provide a great way to demonstrate leadership outside of the classroom, cultivate your “soft” skills, and stand out on college applications. 
  • You'll connect with students throughout the world  and build your community.
  • Spending a few hours per week cultivating your interests will help you learn if you would like to pursue a subject/major in college and your future career. 
  • Participating in extracurricular activities can help you enhance the time-management skills you’ll need to succeed in college. 
  • The more you make of your opportunities to pursue new experiences and develop new skills, the more likely your extracurricular involvement will impact your college prospects.
  • A club allows students to gain real-world experience that not only looks good on a resume but can also build confidence for a future career in a specific subject area.
  • You'll enhance your online learning, leadership, time management, and teamwork skills.

When do clubs meet?  
Clubs will meet on either Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Some events or competitions may be outside regular club meeting hours, but advanced notice will be provided.

Clubs operate on the following schedule: 

Tuesday, Nov. 3 – Friday, May 14 

Tuesday, Jan. 5 – Friday, May 14 

Possible club meeting times include:

  • 4:00pm - 6:00pm EST 
  • 4:30pm - 6:30pm EST 
  • 7:00pm – 9:00pm EST​ 

How do I join?
Students must complete an online application. They'll be asked to answer a short question about why they are interested in participating in the club. They also must be in 9th-12th grade, and be ages 14-18. You can find the application here.

What is expected of club members?

  • Club members are expected to make a strong commitment to club objectives and related activities and are strongly encouraged to attend all club meetings. ​
  • Club members must access club meetings on time, be prepared, and be positive, active participants.
  • ​Club members must respect the club advisor, club moderators, and other club members by paying attention and participating.
  • Club members should communicate any potential absence or lateness to the club advisor via Canvas.
  • Club meetings will be recorded and available in Canvas within 24 hours of the meeting. 
  • Club members must have their camera turned on during all club meetings. ​
  • Full expectations will be provided in the student and parent handbook.

What do you get for participating?
All students who successfully complete the club experience will receive a Certificate of Completion. More importantly, you'll gain leadership, time management, and soft-skills to help prepare you for college and life!

What is the key difference between an academic class and an extracurricular club?  
A club can offer mentoring, professional networking and special events that you won't find in a classroom. You can also find out how other students are approaching their major and future career path. Meet peers with similar interests and engage in unique opportunities.

Can students participate in multiple clubs in the same session at different times?  
Yes, students can participate in up to 3 clubs. Please make sure you are able to handle the time commitment.

Are clubs student or teacher led?  
Professional club advisors moderate clubs. In the beginning, club advisors will lead meetings; however, as clubs form and students develop their club culture, sessions will be initiated and led by energetic students who want to engage with others sharing similar passions. Some club advisors will also serve as the team coach preparing the team for competitions and events depending on the club type. 

How do you participate in a club online? 
All meetings are in a safe, secure, and inviting online environment where they discuss and explore topics that interest them, all under a professional club advisor's guidance. Students will log into their Summer Discovery Canvas account to access all club content and video chat links. All meetings with be through Zoom. We will use the microphone, Canvas chatbox, interactive whiteboard, and video to participate. Meetings will be engaging, enjoyable, and fun!  

What does a typical meeting look like?  

  • Each club will begin with a short time for students and club advisors to say hello, check in and create a sense of community. 
  • Attendance will be taken.
  • The meeting agenda will be reviewed.
  • Members will participate in the meeting activities . During the meeting it is not uncommon for several breaks to occur where students are invited to log out and log back in. An example is a 15 minute break after 45 minutes of a meeting.  
  • Near the end of the 2-hour meeting there will be a check-in, review of the next meeting dates, and any upcoming events.  
  • Club advisors help support the students to make sure the meetings stay on track,  ideas are shared, plans are made, and everyone has fun in a safe, secure environment.  
  • A student will never be in a video meeting with a club advisor one-on-one. There will always be at least two students engaged or a Summer Discovery staff person present.  

What leadership opportunities can I take advantage of?  
Summer Discover After School Clubs provide opportunities for you to take control of your high school extracurricular activities and demonstrate your leadership potential. We believe that each person can translate ideas into action. Should you decide to step forward, Summer Discovery After School Clubs will provide the opportunity to enhance your leadership potential in a fun, interactive environment through a variety of practical experiences. Each club will work together to determine common goals and decide on the course of action needed to accomplish them through committees. The club advisor will also work with members to establish a rotating leadership schedule for leading meetings. Each club member will have the opportunity to develop and practice their unique leadership skills and styles.  

What is an academic competition?  
Extracurricular and academic competitions vary from general trivia to specialized contests that mimic real-life work environments through simulations. Competitions can be team-based or individual.  The club advisor also serves as a coach preparing the team.  Virtual competitions can be hosted by national associations, other high school clubs, or non-profits.  

If the club participates in competitions or events will they be in person?  
No, all competitions or events will be virtual.  Some will be live virtual events. Others may require you to submit a video for competition and winners announced via email. 

If a student misses a meeting will it be recorded.?
Yes, all meetings will be recorded and securely shared via Canvas.  

How can a student keep up with what is going on in their club? 
All of our clubs have a safe and secure Canvas site that can help a student stay on top of all that is going on with their club!